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I started this Wordpress blog in 2017. It allows me to demomstrate my skills with writing and using Wordpress. It also gives me an outlet to write about things that interest me.

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"Opinion: Marvel Relaunch Leaves 'X-23’s' Future Uncertain"

This spring, Marvel is “relaunching” their comics line, a common practice. The lineup of writers and artists and their assignments may change. New series will be started. Other series will be ended or taken in new directions. It’s all to keep things from getting stale and boring. Marvel is marketing this new plan under the name “Fresh Start,” since these things always have to have names (it’s a bad name, but whatever). You can see the video ad here.

The currently-published Marvel series I follow are not the big mainstream titles that are put under the relaunch knife, so I usually don’t have a horse in these things — although I find the frequency that Marvel pushes the reset button inane and have full sympathy for readers who find their series of choice are in a constant state of flux by the relaunch-addicted Powers That Be. However, even I’ve been hit by this round of meddling. All-New Wolverine, a currently-running series I’ve been faithfully collecting in trade paperback form, will be canceled in July and subsequently be replaced by a brand-new new series, X-23 (the official announcement can be read here).