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I started this Wordpress blog in 2017. It allows me to demomstrate my skills with writing and using Wordpress. It also gives me an outlet to write about things that interest me.

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Confessions of a Star Trek fan on the Upcoming “Star Trek: Discovery” Show

CBS is creating the first new Star Trek series since Enterprise was canceled in 2005, Star Trek: Discovery (official site here). Set to air on the 24th this month, Discovery will be distributed exclusively through CBS’s pay-for online streaming service, CBS All Access. Some non-American viewers will be able to see it on Netflix instead.

I hate that model, given that I don’t want to have to pay for a subscription just to see one show. There has been no announcement whether there will eventually be a home video release, so it remains to be seen whether fans will have to bite the bullet (or use the All-Access free trial creatively) to see the show. Either way, It’ll probably be awhile before I’ll have a chance to see it. Either way, anyone can watch the first two trailers.